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  • Delicious dairy-free organic "milk" chocolate egg perfect for kids or adults of any age who can't have dairy products, are vegan, or just enjoy quality Easter eggs! Pieces of vegan-friendly honeycomb toffee are embedded into the shell of this large, hollow Easter egg. Packaged in a bright, fun box featuring Rosie Rabbit.
  • Eco Grass

    $ 3.29
    eco grass is made from 100% post recycled paper. It is 100% recyclable after use. eco grass is crinkle cut 1/8" thick. eco grass can be kept and reused for many Easters or after use, you can dispose of eco grass in your paper recycle bin.
  • Eco friendly and sustainable shirts!
  • a box of three melk chocolate eggs filled with creamy caramel. Foil wrapped. Organic and vegan.
  • Break open a gorgeous, exciting bird’s nest of Vegg treats for Easter and enjoy delicious chocolate desserts that are vegan, all natural, and free of all eight common allergens. Each egg is coated in a natural candy coating that is designed to look like a real colored egg! The Milkless milk-free chocolate shell hides the surprising, delicious crunch of gluten-free pretzels inside.
  • Our signature collection truffle box has the perfect mix of flavors that everyone will love and anyone can enjoy! Give the gift of freedom to eat chocolate that is completely vegan, dairy free, peanut free, egg free, soy free, wheat free, and gluten free. The mix of "milk" fudge, coffee, grand marnier, raspberry, and salted caramel truffles set this special box apart.
  • Moo Free brings you all the flavour of great tasting milk chocolate Easter eggs but know the secret of how to make them without using any milk or gluten.
  • Moo Free brings you all the flavour of great tasting milk chocolate Easter eggs but know the secret of how to make them milk free, gluten free, soya free and suitable for vegans.
  • This is a good egg! It is not like any other egg you’ve experienced, because it’s not made from animal products. Even the filling is 100% vegan!
  • Every year, rabbits are purchased as Easter gifts, and huge numbers are then surrendered to animal shelters when the rabbits get older and the excitement of Easter wears off. To break the cycle of purchase and abandonment, Rescue Chocolate has partnered with House Rabbit Society to promote “Make Mine Chocolate,” a campaign that encourages the purchase of chocolate bunnies for Easter rather than live rabbits. For more information about rabbits and how you can help, visit the House Rabbit Society website and the Make Mine Chocolate campaign.
  • Creamy melk chocolate bunny filled with delicious almond butter.
  • A solid dark chocolate sitting bunny. organic and vegan

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