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Chia Seed – Organic (8 oz.)

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Chia Seed – Organic (8 oz.)

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MINERAL RICH: Chia seed is a rich source of calcium and also contains boron, which acts a catalyst for the body to absorb and utilize the available calcium.

Ingredients: Raw Chia Seed*.
*Organic Ingredient
Shelf Life = 2 year
Country of Origin: Bolivia, Paraguay or Mexico

Out of stock



For centuries, Native Indian Peoples in the Americas have used chia seed as a staple food. Aztec warriors subsisted on chia seeds during battles and hunting expeditions. Indians of the Southwest would eat as little as a teaspoon of chia seeds during a 24-hour march. Indians ran from the Colorado River to the Pacific Ocean to trade turquoise for shells, carrying only a pouch of chia seed for nourishment.

We are happy to assure you that Foods Alive’s Chia seeds are raw, Organic, Non-GMO, non-irradiated, and produced without pesticides. You can eat the seeds right from the container, grind them, roast them, bake them, or drop them into your drinks or smoothies and they retain their nutritional benefits. Use your imagination! There are two colors of chia seeds, white and black. Some companies claim that the white seeds are more potent but this is not the case. Both contain essentially the same amount of omega-3, protein, fiber, etc.

Why Chia seeds:

One ounce of Chia seed contains as much omega-3 as 8-ounces of salmon, as much calcium as a cup of milk, as much fiber as 1/3 cup of bran, as much iron as 1/3 cup of spinach leaves, as much vitamin C as 2 oranges, and as much potassium as half a banana….

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