IT’S ALL NATURAL is a vegan and vegetarian natural market serving Columbus, Ohio and Gahanna.

We provide healthy foods and eco-friendly, organic products that promote a healthier lifestyle.

green seal of approvalIt’s All Natural is committed to helping you achieve your dietary and personal goals. Whether you are just beginning your vegetarian journey or are seasoned in your vegan lifestyle, It’s All Natural has something for you.

From locally-grown foods, to healthy supplements; eco-friendly cleaning supplies to organic personal care products, It’s All Natural provides everything you need to lead a cleaner, healthier life.

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As a locally owned health food store serving Columbus, Ohio and Gahanna, we are committed to customer satisfaction. We are happy to answer your questions, make product recommendations based on your individual needs, and explain how our products are used.

We personally try each of our products before selling it in our store. If a customer requests a product we don’t have, we make every effort to order it for them. As a result, we have products in our inventory that other health food stores don’t have.

To be a prominent source of organic and local foods and products in Central Ohio while promoting a benevolent, eco-friendly, and vegan lifestyle. We strive to be the fertile ground where seeds of love can be planted and grow, healthy and in harmony.
The mission of It’s All Natural is to provide organic, eco-conscious, and vegan foods to the surrounding community by providing products that are 100% Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, and Non-GMO.
Our commitment is caring for our communities through offering a diverse selection of original, natural and simple products. We strive to make our business a “Zero Waste” store, where 100% of our items and products could be recycled. We are considered in leading in the natural and environmental friendly market. Together, we are taking steps closer towards the harmonious world.

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