Cinnamon Apple Butter Crispy Treats

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Cinnamon Apple Butter Crispy Treats

Vegan Crispy Treats with Dandies!

1 10oz bag of Dandies Mini Marshmallows or Dandies Marshmallows
5 cups Crisp Rice Cereal
2 Tbsp vegan margarine (we like Earth Balance)
1 Tbsp Apple Butter
1 tsp Cinnamon

In a microwave safe bowl, combine Dandies and margarine. In 30 second intervals, with a quick stir between each, microwave until marshmallows are fully melted. Stir in apple butter and cinnamon. Mix in cereal and stir until evenly coated with marshmallow cream. Press mixture into a 9×9 pan. Once cool, cut into squares, and enjoy!

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